Since we first met Rohde & Schwarz on a mountain more than 20 years ago, our team has designed and manufactured several ancillary products for their high-end electronic testing systems. Among them is a custom case for high-frequency amplifiers.

Engineering for an Iconic Brand

Instead of reaching for generic product options, Rohde & Schwarz envisioned their accessories to represent the same emphasis on quality and design as their systems. What makes them immediately recognizable today is the bright blue finish. Our manufacturing team matched the specific tone in Rohde & Schwarz’s brand palette, then developed a process for anodizing the case and lid simultaneously to ensure consistent application across components. 

anodized casing


Accuracy and Ease of Use

The product’s quality is expressed in its performance. For this amplifier case, this means all material and design choices have to support extremely accurate readings. Beyond the case itself, that requirement extends to the custom fixtures attaching it to the test equipment. Our mechanical engineers created a solution the operator can easily rotate and adjust, all without the use of metallic fasteners that would have introduced noise.

Lower Costs Through Configurability

To reduce the manufacturing costs of this low-volume product, we engineered the case to accommodate different configurations of amplifier systems. An adjustable mounting bracket set originally held two variants. Over the years, we evolved the design to fit five. In another iteration, we added custom gaskets for even tighter ESD sealing.


Today, our machine shop team still manufactures this and other Rohde & Schwarz products to order.

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